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KASLA is a leading business consulting firm providing strategic intelligence, risk management, and business diplomacy services to global clients in African markets. By offering a unique combination of expertise and in-depth local knowledge, we help our clients seize opportunities, drive sustainable growth, mitigate risk, resolve disputes, and source information to support decision-making. WE ESTABLISH CONFIDENCE TM.
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West African minister in unfair competition
Debt recovery investigation in Tunisia
Misappropriation of Cocoa and Cashew in Nigeria
Establishment of an intern anti-corruption Unit in a Canadian mining group
Acquisition of a mining concession in Guinea-Conakry
Market research on the port of Beira in Mozambique
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From Abidjan, Luanda, Rabat, and Washington DC, KASLA is present in all Sub-Saharan and North African markets, offering its expertise to local, regional, and international companies, lawyers, investors, and governments facing challenges in various sectors, including economic, financial, compliance, security, industrial, and non-profit activities.
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We reduce uncertainty. KASLA provides reliable information, advice for decision-making, and operational support, throughout African markets, and borders. WE ESTABLISH CONFIDENCE TM.
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